Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents Seeking Peace of Mind

You have no intention of raising a “velcro” baby. Having a newborn or infant at your side 24/7 is equal to exhaustion. What do you do when the baby is sleeping, and you need to go to the bathroom, shower, sleep or head downstairs for laundry?

Sometimes, you can’t rely on others for help.

You can always ask your spouse or family for help, but what if they have to leave the house and are not around? Suddenly, you must work around the baby’s and everyone else’s schedules.

It would start feeling like you have no time for yourself or to do anything else.

Wearing your hearing aids all the time gets painful

Some people opt to wear their hearing aids but soon find their ears in pain, which is the worst they have ever experienced. Wearing hearing aids for a long period of time is like the cartilage in the ear developing its own heartbeat and throbbing with sharp pains.

No parents want to leave their baby alone to cry all by itself for a long time.

High-tech options are lacking features you need

It is hard to find baby monitors which have all the features and provide added support for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. If you want to monitor your baby’s sleep cycle, alert you when your baby stops breathing, or use video cam monitoring or white noise to get your baby to sleep.

However, the baby monitors that exist for people with hearing loss cover the biggest issue facing every new parent, which is awareness when their baby is crying.

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The vibrating and flashing alert notification you can use

Vibrating Baby Monitors for Deaf Parents

  • Picks up the cry from a distance.
  • It contains a vibrating sensor.
  • Options for both batteries (rechargeable) and AC power.

Graco Imonitor Vibe Digital Baby Monitor

Add-on to Alerting Systems for the Deaf

Some baby cry monitors can be added to your alerting system for the deaf. For some, these do require purchasing multiple devices to get a complete operating system. These options can include a flashing light or vibrating notifications.

  • Attach to your lamp for a flashing light
  • It can pick up noises at a certain volume range.
  • No other devices or attachments are required.

Sonic Alert Baby Cry Signaler

  • Require a base with a vibrating attachment.
  • Good for night use
  • The base includes an alarm clock and other alerting features.

Sonic Bomb Home Aware Baby 

  • Best for night use.
  • Has sensitivity control.
  • The base includes other alerting features.

Clarity AlertMaster Baby Monitor

  • Battery operated with low battery indicator.
  • Wall mounted
  • Covers 5ft from the baby

Krown Nursery Room Transmitter

Bellman & Symfon Baby Monitor

Hack it – Solutions to Make What you Need

Others are using technologies they own or finding ways to make other devices work for their purposes. Remember, these solutions may not be tested for safety or for monitoring young children or infants. Please use them with caution.

Use External Microphones Paired with Hearing Aids

If you own a ReSound Multi Mic or a Phonak, you can attach these external microphones to the crib and direct sounds to your hearing aids.

Using other Baby Monitors with App Notifications

If there are any baby monitors with complementary apps for smartphone alerts, you can combine them with a vibrating band to receive notifications from your phone.


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