Make an Impact

We are on a mission to advance AI in the assistive technology sector for people with disabilities. We want motivated individuals to join us to reach new heights. Our work hits a unique but rare moment where innovation and social impact collide. Lisnen is riding the wave to pioneer new values in our community and the world.

When working at Lisnen, we live out our vision, mission, and core values. We also understand our purpose is to make progress during our time in this world. We expect those on the team to thrive in taking on that challenge.

We’re all CEOs where everyone, including our community, has stakes in our company and its success. Each of us takes charge of the work, big or small, that we are responsible for and shine through. Your boss is the community and customers we serve; they will tell us if we’re on the right track. So, we enjoy innovation on progress, which means accepting what works but being comfortable with the unknown.

We operate unconventionally because we know the old ways created a barrier for people to join in or get access. In the new world of work, we can’t expect people to work for one company for 20+ years. We understand that some people in our company are with us for part of their life’s journey. However, this is an excellent place if you value growth and learning. Your time at Lisnen can be a pathway to help you reach your future goals.

If a company like this interests you, let’s connect with eyra {at} lisnen {dot} com and discuss further.

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