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My family don’t understand me.

Dear Lisnen. Over the long weekend, I spent time with my immediate and extended family for thanksgiving. I dread the family holidays because it always feels like no one cares

Why you may not have the courage to start and try a new business?

Founder Series #1.3. Everyone has a desire, a dream, or an aspiration to do something new or different than what they are currently doing. Sometimes it takes in the form

I’ve been singled-out

Dear Lisnen. Last week I went out for lunch on Saturday with four people they are all hearing except me. One of them is my good friend, another person I

Can Hearing Loss People Run Successful Businesses?

Founder Series #1 (Part 2) If anyone tells you because you’re deaf and hard of hearing, you can’t be an entrepreneur, they don’t know what they are talking about. Many

This pandemic is making me lose my job.

There’s a lesson we are to learn right now, and that’s to self-advocate. Dear Lisnen, Ever since COVID-19 came, it has been ruining my life. I started a new job early