Does Ayurvedic Treatment Works for Hearing Loss?

Many people believe there is an ayurvedic treatment for hearing loss. While using natural resources could heal other things, the challenge with hearing loss is that it goes much deeper than one can cure with nature.

Many people from non-Western countries have traditional practices of using natural ingredients to treat health issues. I can understand this.

I have experienced family members trying to treat my hearing loss as a young child with unfiltered natural oil for ear drops to help “cure” it.

The only result was that my then-audiologist had to spend a lot of time cleaning my ears to remove dried oil and debris before performing the hearing test. Hearing tests can’t be performed with an ear full of wax or dirt; they must be addressed first.

That was the last time I put oil in my ear again.

This article highlights why ayurvedic treatments would be a miracle to cure hearing loss.

There is no scientific proof.

People who study the body, such as ear, nose, and throat (ENT) specialists, have spent years understanding how our ears function. However, no research has shown that Ayurvedic treatment can work for hearing loss.

Stories claiming to restore hearing loss could be from other very mild issues.

Hearing loss can be the result of many things:

  • It could be hereditary (In the genes).
  • It could be due to too much ear wax blockage.
  • It could be the side effect of an ear infection, fluid build-up or a disease.
  • It could be a side effect of treating cancer or other diseases.
  • It could be from abnormal middle ear bone growth.
  • It could result from ageing, like skin elasticity, and it weakens over time.
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Mild problems like ear wax and cleaning the ear can fix hearing loss, but others can’t be fixed.

Hearing loss is not reversible.

Hearing results from the middle and inner ear and the brain working together. Some people experience damage to the hair cells, which limits the ability for sound to be processed by the brain.

Damaged hair cells are not replaceable. It’s like broken teeth. They can’t regrow like hands or toenails. Also, there are no veneers for hair cells.

Once you pass the point of damaged hair cells, no herbs, minerals, or oils can reverse it. If there are solutions to regrowing teeth, we may see possibilities!

You need to act right away.

You need to investigate any change in the hearing immediately. Doctors have been able to prevent major damage using prescribed antibiotics. This works well if the person responds as early as 24 hours after the problem.

The more you delay, the more the root cause will continue to cause permanent damage. These root causes could be ear infections or fluid build-up. Again, you need to act fast and get medical support.

No antibiotic treatment would work if you have differences in the growth of the ear, a gene, or are experiencing aging.

Treat any sudden hearing loss like you would for a stroke. Time is precious and will determine full recovery or lifelong change. Go to your doctor, a walk-in clinic or any health services to attend immediately.

Speak to an Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor.

You would want a test to identify your hearing loss issues. An audiologist can help with preliminary tests, but you will need to be referred to an ENT specialist for a deeper examination.

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Allow someone who studied years and years on the ear to attend to your problem. Licensed professionals have developed the expertise and can take the steering while to drive a solution to your problem. Ayurvedic practitioners are not licensed in the US.

People who are not specialized, licensed or have deep knowledge of the ear specifically will not understand what’s happening below the surface. There is insufficient pattern recognition to align knowledge, insights and expertise with your situation.

There are other benefits to ayurvedic treatment for hearing loss.

I believe there are many benefits to some Ayurvedic practices, and non-medicine practices are my go-to for problems dealing with the mind and spirit.

Practices such as meditation, yoga, and massage therapy are all Ayurvedic treatments. These can heal stress and other challenges that can put someone with hearing loss in a state of constant anxiety.

A routine that cares for the mind and spirit is important, especially when the external world can be stressful, and waves of challenges come into and out of our lives. Ayurvedics can help ground us to the present and the now.

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