Enjoy Recreational Activities Without the Pain of Missing Out

We all desire to wear hearing aids or have some kind of listening device while we engage in recreational activities. Some of us find certain venues difficult to hear clearly. There are a number of products or solutions to help make the experience enjoyable for people with hearing loss.

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Fitness class audio options

  • Suitable for aerobic classes for instructors
  • Bluetooth connectivity for hearing aids

SANMIC – Voice Amplifier with Wireless Microphone Headset

Water sport or intensive recreation spare pair

  • A spare hearing aids for outdoor activities where the risk of damage to day to day hearing aids is high.
  • Rechargable

Phonak Hearing Aids Hearing Amplifiers

Hearing aid and cochlear implant friendly helmets

  • This style works well to provide space between hearing aids and helmet to prevent whistling and pressure again hearing aids.

Skid Lid Helmet

Casual and Video Games

Vest 3

Haptic sensors for the gaming experience.

Art Gallery and Museums Tours


ASL for audio tours at museums

Performances and Movies Listening


Captioning during live theatre performances.

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