Suggestions To Be Alerted To Someone At The Door

Sounding alarms don’t work for the deaf and hard of hearing. Alternative ways to know someone is at the door are needed.

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Door Vibration Sensor

Serene Door Knock Alert

Ideal for condo, apartment, commercial or workplace

Serene Door Knock Sensor

Wireless doorbell alert for hearing impaired

  • Flashing coloured light alerts.
  • Home or Office Solution
  • Flashing strobe light alerts.
  •  Amplified Ringer at 95dB Volume.

Safeguard Supply Wireless Doorbell

  • Receive alerts to an app
  • Night and Day use

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell 

  • Vibration sensors
  • Good for sleeping

Serene Doorbell

Bellman & Symfon

Sonic Alert HomeAware

Flashing lights

Motion Sensors and Video Camera

Serene Door Knock Sensor

Sound Recognition App

Many apps with sound recognition features can capture door-knock or doorbell sounds.

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