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How To Navigate Fitness and Yoga Classes With Hearing Loss That Makes You Want To Return Again

Physical fitness and yoga promote overall well-being, but with hearing loss, it takes more than getting a workout to have an enjoyable experience at the gym or fitness center.  As individuals with hearing loss, we’ve more things to care about besides getting the downward dog pose done correctly. It can be frustrating not being able […]

How To Navigate Fitness and Yoga Classes With Hearing Loss That Makes You Want To Return Again Read More »

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The Best Way to Clean Your Ears That No One Talks About

There is one thing that no one really talks about hearing loss. It’s probably the most annoying thing about wearing hearing aids. The pet peeves of hearing loss and the one thing that often causes more problems than anyone can deal with. Ear Wax.  Out of all the things about having an auditory impairment, the

The Best Way to Clean Your Ears That No One Talks About Read More »

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