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How to stop your headphone from making your hearing aid whistle without changing the volume?

After buying a new noise-cancelling headphone, you can try it for the first time. However, as the headphone cup covers your ears, you suddenly hear whistling noises. You try adjusting
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Your family just doesn’t get your hearing loss

They call you from another room, talking away as if you are listening. But, of course, you can’t hear them. Once they realize you haven’t responded, you see them appear
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Deciding on a service dog to assist with your hearing loss

Getting a service dog to assist you with hearing loss can be an attractive option. There are moments in time when you are concerned about missing out on sounds that
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Why you should look into setting up a hearing aid fund

You know it’s time to get new hearing aids. There is no doubt that things are more complicated now. The places and situations that you’ve been through before are increasingly