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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology For Home

When exploring deaf and hard-of-hearing technology for the home, there are abundant devices that you can use to make your home the way you like it to be. Our home
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Free Equipment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

What would you take if you had a choice to get a million-dollar item for free or a million dollars in cash for free?  Our love for free stuff is
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Bluetooth Hearing Aids for TV

Every hearing person knows when there is a hard of hearing person living in the house. Not more than 5 feet from the front door, they can hear the TV
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Best Stethoscope for Hard of Hearing | Amplified Stethoscope

For the longest time, Trevor wanted to be a nurse in a rewarding profession he’d dreamed about since he was a kid. But he has a test to complete in
Deaf Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock for Deaf Reviews | Skip the Ringing Alarms

This post may contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more details. Introduction Is it time for a new alarm clock? We’ve all been there before. We’ve overslept and