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Best TV for Hard of Hearing People

You would agree with me, but it’s hard to watch TV with hearing people. Our preference for comfortable listening is like blasting the TV loudly to them. Our choice for
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Best Hearing Amplification Devices Available for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

This post contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more details. Many people with hearing loss are looking for the best hearing amplification devices. If you have severe to
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9 Best Hearing Aid Dryers to End the Static Sound Forever

This post contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more details. Every hearing aid and cochlear implant wearer knows that having the best hearing aid dryer is the key
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Here’s what I found so far: Best Headphones for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

It’s a situation that we are all too familiar with.  The audio glitch begins when you’re ready for your online video call. No, this isn’t a “You’re on mute” moment.
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The Best Way to Clean Your Ears That No One Talks About

There is one thing that no one really talks about hearing loss. It’s probably the most annoying thing about wearing hearing aids. The pet peeves of hearing loss and the
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How to wear hearing aids regularly and have long-lasting hearing aid batteries 13? (Tested on sizes 13)

Hearing aid batteries are such a necessity for owning hearing aids. Together with hearing aids, they’re like the yin and the yang or like the fuel to our car. You