Best Hearing Amplification Devices Available for Severe to Profound Hearing Loss

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Many people with hearing loss are looking for the best hearing amplification devices. If you have severe to profound hearing loss, you may find yourself in this weird space of not finding the right solution at an affordable cost. Not everyone has the pleasure of affording hearing aids that can cost as high as eight thousand dollars for a set. However, it shouldn’t stop someone from searching for a solution and having access to hearing until they can build income and resources to buy a hearing aid of their choosing.

Hearing aids vs. hearing amplification devices,

We often see that hearing professionals reject the idea of anything other than hearing aids and cochlear implants. These devices provide personalization and customization to suit your hearing loss. On the other hand, hearing amplification devices increase the volume of the sounds transmitted to the microphone. They don’t boost only the decibels you can’t hear, nor can they soften some sounds to pop up others.

While I can talk about listening devices with amplification, like cell phones and apps, for this article, I’m referring to the devices we can use instead of hearing aids. If you are looking for a solution where you don’t necessarily benefit from the over-the-counter hearing aids and you don’t have the budget for an FDA-regulated hearing aids, here are three solutions for the best hearing amplification devices that you can use,

Hearing aids remain a privilege.

It remains a privilege to wear hearing aids because not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids.  I believe we need to have solutions and costs affordable to everyone with ALL hearing loss. Despite all the advancements of over-the-counter hearing aids, the big five hearing aid industries like Sonova, Phonak and others have and continue to dominate the hearing care market for those who need it the most – us with severe to profound hearing loss. Hearing aids have been put on a pedestal, only the privileged few get access. Health professionals continue to scare us of damaging our ears by choosing other options, yet today we still have limited options.

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I know that there are government programs to fund hearing aids, but that sends a signal of lack of freedom in choosing what hearing devices brand you prefer, It restricts access to knowing where you can be better knowledgeable of your hearing care journey and restricted to a few people. Government-subsidized hearing aids do not allow you to challenge the manufacturers to design better products and improve the quality of your hearing aids and hearing experiences. You can choose not to pay, and the companies are incentives to build you a better product to get sales. With free, you’re stuck with what you got because the payers are not people who need it or understand what’s best for you personally. 

Pocketalker Ultra 2.0

People describe it as a “new day” when you own the Pocketalker for the first time. Being able to converse with others with ease is the key. Placing your microphone at the center of the dinner table and having one-on-one conversations can be a breeze for you and everyone.

Key Features

  • 12-foot microphone cord extension, headphones and microphone included
  • Design to be simple to use
  • Amplifies up to  40dB


  • You can use the headphone with your hearing aids for added amplification
  • Some say better sound quality than hearing aids
  • Good to use during one on one conversations or watching tv


  • Using it for a long time can cause ringing in your ears
  • Amplify background noise
  • Feedback noises often happen
  • The product design isn’t as appealing for use in public spaces


Quality of sound is important. It doesn’t take those who are audiophiles or musicians who enjoy listening to music to take notice. This is simple to use device can make a difference while talking on the telephone or in connection with the HearLink+ transmitter to watch TV.

Key Features

  • Noise reduction feature
  • Feedback cancellation
  • Dual microphone
  • Bluetooth Stereo headset
  • Hearing test app
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  • It works well for those that are almost deaf at high frequencies
  • Up to 40 hours of use
  • Emergency attention features 


  • Takes time to charge
  • Slight background noise can bother some
  • You need to download the app for your specific setup otherwise, audio can be bothersome

Bellman & Symfon Mino Digital Hearing Amplifier

Easy-to-use amplifier for conversations and TV and can be used with any telecoil technology at church, shops or airports where telecoil systems are set up.

Key Features

  • Battery powered
  • Use with a neck loop, earbuds or headphone
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Omni-directional microphones


  • Picks up sound in room well
  • Up to 30 hours of use
  • Digital features to improve sound quality


  • Sensitive and picks up high pitch noises
  • Too much interference
  • There may be too many buttons to recall for simplicity

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