6 Top Alarm Clock for Hard Of Hearing to Wake Up on Time

You need to get up on time. An alarm clock that’s ringing a sounding alarm isn’t going to help at all. When you live with hearing loss, you need something much more impactful to get you up. Otherwise, you sleep right through. Only to be upset and start your next day in a not-so-good mood. No one wants to wake up late for an important appointment the next day.

There are moments in life when waking up is a necessity. Our life depends on it. Or, more like our bank account depends on it.

Have you ever decided to purchase the cheapest flight for your vacation away from home? Suddenly you notice that the departing time is 6 a.m. But that’s when the plane is taking off the runway! Yet, the morning flight is the best price for your budget. You’ll need to figure out how to arrive at the airport at least an hour ahead.

Thank God for online checking. The last thing you want to do is try to get to the airport before 4 a.m.

The thought of missing your flight and waking up when the plane takes off is enough to cause you to sweat. Without the ability to get up to your sounding alarm clock, what are the options you have?

  1. Force yourself to stay up.
  2. Wake up every half hour, not allowing yourself to get into any deep sleep.
  3. Trust your body’s natural rhythm that can flow in tune with nature.

What if you could avoid all three choices? What if there was something that you can consistently rely on every time to help wake you up?

That’s why we are here to help you today.

Give thoughts to …

Style & decor

Alarm clocks for the deaf can look unstylish. They look like something you would expect in the hospital. If style is your thing, look for those that fit your decor.

Deep sleepers

Studies have proven that flashing lights can wake up a few people. You’ll need something with a strong vibration when you’re a deep sleeper. Strobe lights are typically better if you prefer an alarm clock with flashing light only.

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The selection of hearing loss alarm clock

The Best Bed Shaker

Mesqool Clock Alarm

Under-the-pillow shakers will help you get up on time without disturbing others. The big print clock and an option to charge your smartphone make this a win.

The Best Wearable


A little shock is what you need to wake up and stay up. Perfect for the deepest sleeper and helping you form good waking-up habits.

Others also like:


Smartwatches can be a great use of what you already own. It also has a program to access your sleeping patterns to optimize your health.

The Best Flashing Light

Bellman & Symfon

The glow-in-the-dark alarm clock is one of the few devices that illuminates like a lamp. You’ll get a sense of lights flashing at night instead of a faint, blinking small light.

Others also like:


Flipping the screen face down, you can use the smartphone camera lights as a flashing light. All are built into the device. You don’t need add-ons.

The Best Loud Alarm

Sonic Bomb

This is a loud alright, and can get loud like a bomb! At 113 dB, these alarm clocks are good if you have some hearing left.

How we decided

This website and all the articles are written from lived experience with hearing loss. You can learn more about me here. I’ve lived with hearing loss for decades and had a chance to see and try many products. I also actively take into consideration of other people’s perspectives on hearing loss as well.

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