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A lone person sitting on the edge of the boardwalk looking out to the lake or water during sunset.

Is being alone such a bad thing?

It’s been days since you’ve interacted with someone outside your home. Perhaps, your core family and friends are not even living in the same town as you or your spouse
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The “Turn up your hearing aids” comment

Occasionally, you will come across someone in your life who says, “Turn up your hearing aids.” Unfortunately, this comment is full of ignorance and clueless people feeling like they hold
An egg resting on a clear glass holder with a inked facial expression of frustration. The background is a kitchen counter that has been blurred.

Your family just doesn’t get your hearing loss

They call you from another room, talking away as if you are listening. But, of course, you can’t hear them. Once they realize you haven’t responded, you see them appear
A wooden gave in a dark background.

Summoned for jury duty while deaf or hard of hearing: Should you do it?

There is this rare moment in one’s life that some people get to experience and others do not. And that moment is to be summoned for jury duty. Embarking on
Yellow heads of toy with different facial emotions scattered throughout.

Why you pretend to hear when you really don’t

Do you ‘Deaf bluff’? Do you find yourself acting as if you are following along with conversations, but you have no clue what was said? You know what I mean