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The 1000 Dollar Bill From Running Water Non-stop

It was a simple mistake. The payback for that mistake is written on the utility bill now. Jake now needed to come up with an unexpected cost of one thousand
Single person sitting on top of the mountain

I’ve been hiding my hearing loss

Dear Lisnen. I have been living a big lie and holding a secret for the longest time. I never told anybody, and only my closest friends and family know. I have

You have more resources than you think

Founder Series #1 – The Beginning (Part 4) I was never the kid who set up a lemonade stand, sold baseball cards, or ran a business at 6 years old

My family doesn’t understand me.

Dear Lisnen. Over the long weekend, I spent time with my immediate and extended family for thanksgiving. I dread the family holidays because it always feels like no one cares

Why you may not have the courage to start and try a new business?

Founder Series #1 – The Beginning (Part 3) Everyone has a desire, a dream, or an aspiration to do something new or different than what they are currently doing. Sometimes