Solutions To Make The Workplace Easier For Customer Service and Warehouse Staff

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Texting for Two-Way Radio

Instead of a voice, choose Motorola’s MOTOTRBO R7, which has a texting feature.

  • Use your cochlear implant or hearing aid’s t-coil switch to connect to your two-way radio.
  • Some radios have Bluetooth connections, which you can pair with your hearing aids or cochlear implant.

Neckloop with Two-Way Radio

Williams Sounds Neckloop

Safe’N’Clear, Inc.

Clear facemasks for customer services.

Forklift Safety Light

Operating forklifts without needing to rely on sounding alarms.

Communication in ASL

Get standard written text in ASL format, available online or via a QR code.

Multi Mic (ReSound)

Device (Compatible with ReSound-only hearing aids)

ConnectClip (Oticon)

Device (Compatible with Oticon-only hearing aids)

Barcode Scanner with Haptic Sensors

Instead of beeps, haptic notifications can help others who can’t hear respond.

Answer Calls Using Your Web Browser

3rd party operator voices what you type and types what others on the other line say.

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