Phone Alert for Deaf and Hard of Hearing To Be In the Know

Nothing is more annoying than waiting all day for a phone call only to find out that you missed that important call when you stepped away from the phone. For example, you wanted to be good to follow the etiquette of not bringing your phone to the bathroom, or you just stepped out to another room to do a quick thing, but you feel that you lucked out by missing that call. If only you had a phone alert that supported the deaf and hard of hearing instead of the ringing tones, none of this would have to happen.

Phone alerts appear based on what alerts you want to receive, including sound recognition by using your phone to be aware of the sounds surrounding you. It can also be found in the type of devices that you use. For example, depending on if you’re using a mobile phone or landline, or cordless phone, there are many different ways you can get notifications of incoming calls without the listening part. 

Mobile phone alerts for deaf and hard of hearing 

Almost all applications have a notification setting to alert you to any news, updates or messages within the app. Some apps can break down the notifications you receive, so you are not constantly bombarded with daily reports. These notifications provide the phone alerts you need to know about incoming calls and meaningful messages.

Vibration Notification

Many cell phones, if not all, have a vibration feature to alert you to an incoming call. The vibration feature is selected during the settings on your mobile phone.

Flashing Camera

The camera flashlights are not just used for taking pictures in the dark or poor lighting conditions; they can also act double duty and be the blinking strobe light you need to get your attention. The only thing is that you will need to keep your mobile phone face down to see the alerts.

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Smart Watches

Most of us are not always by our phones or can feel the phone vibrate in our pocket, but smartwatches allow us to know any notifications. You’ll see that many phones can pair with smart watches and push notifications between smartphones and smartwatches. The vibration sensation from the smartwatch will alert you to messages you’d like to know.

Available Phone Alert Features

Every mobile device has basic features that allow you to use it to gain alerts to notifications from the apps installed on your smartphone. 

Alarm Clock: Your phone can alert you at a specific time of the day, either to wake up or remind you of your appointment. These notifications are great for helping many deaf and hard of hearing wake up during the morning.

Sound Notification: Your smartphone has all the features of hearing aids. t has a microphone; it has a battery, and a mini-computer. These computers can run applications that will help identify sounds in your environment. f you ever feel certain you might not hear a fire or security alarm, you can use your smartphone to alert you. This is the kind of exciting work we do here at Lisnen.

App Notification: Any time you see a pop-up message from one of your apps, giving you information about new sales, incoming messages or anything else, these app sends notifications using the phone’s alarm features. D pending on the setting, you can receive 

Cordless phone alert for deaf and hard of hearing

Cordless and landline phones offer benefits that mobile phones do not have. F r example, clear identification when you dial 911. Currently, mobile phones can give an approximation of the area. So, it makes sense why people still hold on to their landlines for specific purposes. While T-coil can help you hear the caller on the other line, it’s getting to the call that matters. You may have tried to put the phone at the highest volume, but the sound from your tv and other devices may distract you from hearing your phone ring. Many devices can help you see the phone ring. 

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Phone Ring Light Flashers – Flashing lights for incoming landline calls

SquareGlow, Bellman & Symfon, ClearSound, Krown, and Clarity AlertMaster sell telephone transmitters that can light up the base light when an incoming call arrives. 

The only challenge is that you need to find a way of seeing the light or buying multiple lights for every space in your house. It may not be as convenient and can add up in cost by the time you feel confident you will not miss your phone call if you are in your laundry room or bathroom at any time of the day.

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