Is being alone such a bad thing?

It’s been days since you’ve interacted with someone outside your home. Perhaps, your core family and friends are not even living in the same town as you or your spouse can be away for 12 hours a day at work. You feel you are at the extreme end of being an introvert. You can spend time alone all day doing solitary activities. 

The longer you spend alone, the more you question whether this is right. Is it normal to not want to socialize most of the time? 

It’s a fair question if you find people repeatedly mentioning that you don’t go out often or can’t remember the last time you stepped outside. But it is common among people with hearing loss. And there is a reason. 

Our hearing loss creates a breakdown in communication between us and the rest of the world, which is mainly hearing. That communication breakdown takes considerable effort when values differ on how to best communicate, the noise volume of your environment, and the technologies available to help you manage these situations. When one or all of these things fail, more effort is required than most to keep up with the conversation. The amount of time you put into engaging with people becomes even more challenging. Eventually, you feel tired of dealing with it constantly and prefer to relax and be at peace.

Some people manage to find that balance between working hard to adjust in interactions and resting time. The incentive to deal with these difficult situations is not for others. And it’s okay. It is okay to enjoy the company of you alone. It is equally okay for others to socialize and interact with others.

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When it’s not okay is when you feel you’re not being fulfilled and you’re unhappy to be by yourself. You can make that choice to find people to meet, clubs to join, and activities to participate in. But for now, you choose to be by yourself, and that’s okay.

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