Why you should look into setting up a hearing aid fund

You know it’s time to get new hearing aids. There is no doubt that things are more complicated now. The places and situations that you’ve been through before are increasingly becoming more challenging. You’re not making out the words as others people are speaking. You find yourself needing others to repeat more.

You’ve extended the use of your hearing aids for too long. And you know it.

If your hearing aids were to break down any day now, your audiologist already warned you that you’d have no access to any more repairs to your hearing aids after the 5-year mark.

Coming up with thousands of dollars upfront is difficult for many people. With rising food costs, paying off mortgages or paying rent, layoffs, and other increasing day-to-day expenses all taking our attention away and priority. For many of us, it wouldn’t be easy to come up with thousands of dollars immediately.

They say that hearing aids are the third biggest expense next to a car and a house. No one wants or should settle on these big purchases. Anything that comes at a cost should be an investment into the quality of life that reaps many dividends. Therefore you shouldn’t settle on quality hearing aids that work best for you.

You don’t need to pay more than the hearing aid cost. You don’t need loans or debt payments. We’re here to help you make smart money moves.

There are two secret ingredients to make this happen: patience and consistency, and this is why.

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If you need a new hearing aid every five years and need to maintain your hearing devices, it could cost you about $8000 US, including batteries, tubings, filters, earmolds and taxes. So saving 5 dollars a day ($8000/[365*5]) every day for as long as you need hearing aids should be your target goal.

Investing 5 dollars daily in yourself will allow you to have the capital from your hearing aid funds anytime. You can set up a separate savings account to automatically withdraw from your main account daily. Once the money is way, you won’t have the urge to spend the 5 dollars.

For some, $5 a day means cutting back on your expenses; for others, it means finding ways to generate capital by doing extra-paid work.

Ultimately, you want to be in control. So while you may feel at a disadvantage for having to endure these extra expenses that a majority of society has to deal with, you shouldn’t allow this mindset to cause further problems or challenges in your future.

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