The “Turn up your hearing aids” comment

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Occasionally, you will come across someone in your life who says, “Turn up your hearing aids.” Unfortunately, this comment is full of ignorance and clueless people feeling like they hold an authoritative view on how hearing aids work, as if you are not doing your job.

But the comment stings and hurts. When you hear someone say this to you, you can feel less than. Your confidence starts to dwindle, and you just want to hide away or react impulsively by showing aggression.

A comment like this reminds us that we are feeling emotional pain. It reminds us to reflect on why it is bothering us. It could be that you have an underlying and unresolved feeling towards yourself and your views of yourself. Sometimes these views are negative. You need to shift to accepting yourself more or find support with a therapist, books or resources to help you manage your feelings.

People talk from their own fears. It is hard to know at the moment. But the comment may be from someone who is sensitive to the feeling of neglect or feeling ignored. This has nothing to do with you not hearing them.

Let’s be honest. Turning up your hearing aid doesn’t do anything to help you hear better. Making something loud doesn’t make it clear. The functions and settings of the hearing aid may not be accustomed to the situation you are in. So, someone saying that doesn’t really know how hearing aids work. It’s like telling someone to walk faster when they are using crutches.

I had someone say this to me. My track coach thought I was not paying attention and needed me to respond to him at his time and command. It completely blew my confidence and cut my tracking career short.

So, I understand how this can affect someone, but remember you are not alone, and your hearing aids and you are just fine.

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