“I’m just afraid to miss hearing important information!”

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If you have hearing loss, you know all too well that hearing aids, cochlear implants or other hearing devices aren’t the complete solution to all your everyday hearing challenges. 

Because there are times you take your hearing devices off – maybe while in the shower, sleeping at night, or just to deal with the fatigue of listening all the time.

But then, you can’t hear things.

You’re nervous and worried about missing someone or something calling for your attention

But if you always had your hearing devices on, it wouldn’t be a problem. Except it’s painful to wear them all the time, and you’ve got batteries to deal with.

What if you could know exactly when something calls for your attention?

If you know what warrants your attention, you can respond right away.

  • You could stop being nervous about missing an emergency alarm.
  • You can stop anxiously waiting for your visitor or delivery to arrive.
  • You can stop feeling guilty for not responding immediately to your baby’s cry.
  • You can stop being super paranoid and checking multiple times to see if the taps are on.
  • You could stop waiting for accommodation requests as if your life is on hold.
  • You could stop seeing your family frustrated, trying to get your attention.

  • You could be informed when you need to.
  • You could be reassured that all is okay.
  • You could have an amazing time travelling to a new place comfortably on your own.
  • You could focus on getting a good night’s sleep.
  • You could notice what’s going on around you.
  • You could be a mom a child trusts will be there for them.
  • You could feel at ease at home or away from home.

Freedom to do other things instead of checking in all the time.

Imagine never having to worry when you don’t have your hearing device on.

Has your water bill alerted you?

Others perceive you as forgetful – especially when you don’t turn off the tap. Yet when water spills all over the floor, you pay the price for the damage you caused. 

You know you’re competent in managing on your own, but others (and even your insurance company) can’t trust that it will never happen again. 

Others sense that you will be in real danger if they’re not around, as if hearing people is the only solution.

You can’t help yourself if you don’t know.

How do you be in the know and connect to what’s happening around you?

If you’ve ever experienced a close call when a fire or security alarm goes off without you knowing—this happened to Eyra, the founder—you’ll know how upsetting and scary it can be. You’re sick to your stomach that you almost got hurt, but you’re relieved, and you’re safe. 

Sometimes, your family, friends, or work buddy leave you alone. Or while you travel solo. There’s no warning for what could happen.

Safety should be your priority now. 

You could get a traditional alerting device, wait for a flashing alarm to be hardwired or just get a fire alarm. But if you rent, live in a condo, or stay somewhere else for a short period, it does take time to have an alerting device available. Maybe you don’t want to buy a device for every room, maybe you don’t want to carry these devices around, and maybe you want to be alerted to more than a fire.

What if your smart devices could work to support you?

Download Lisnen’s debut app on your mobile device to get notified of sounds anywhere you are.

When you download the Lisnen App,  you get the benefit of having a hearing dog without the responsibility of owning a dog or waiting years to get a trained dog.

Lisnen listens using a microphone from a smart device, and an AI algorithm checks to see if selected sounds are heard. If so, it sends vibration or visual alerts to notify you immediately.

How will Lisnen help you?

  • Focus on sounds that will make a difference.
  • Alerts that come to you.
  • Solutions without the long wait for accommodations.
  • Efficiency by using your own technology without having to buy another device. 
  • Affordable pricing to pay when you need it.

Lisnen App is our debut app, there’s a way to go. Our vision is to build solutions which we know you’ll love.

  • Dependable with fewer false alarms. 
  • Care for long-term use without draining the battery.
  • Connect with any mainstream devices wirelessly.
  • Content to be alerted with a vibration strong enough.
  • Convince it can pick up sound within a reasonable distance.

Download the Lisnen App Today

You have a life to live. You deserve to have these hearing challenges erased. Let go of the stress of not being able to hear.

Get Lisnen to accompany you when you need safety and independence. Start with less than four minutes to get going.

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