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Lisnen makes it simpler than ever for the deaf and hard of hearing to be aware of noises calling for your immediate attention when you least expect it.

fire alarm detector

We know the inconvenience of getting accommodations is often complicated, and relying on others is often not always possible. Sounds like a fire alarm, security alarm, or door knocks require us to respond immediately. But hearing should not be the only requirement.

The future is unpredictable, and the anxiety of not knowing what’s next is real – but it doesn’t have to be.


Give yourself the confidence you need when you’re out and about.


Connect and respond to your surroundings with visual or haptic notifications.


Be alerted and informed at the moment. Not when it’s too late.

Independence and comfort anywhere you go.

Free from the hassle of having to self-advocate all the time, you will not get held back from going where you want to go.

A quick, versatile and more effortless way to be aware of sounds

When hearing is not an option, get real-time awareness without complications.

Leverage capabilities to respond on time

Be alerted and informed at the moment. Not when it’s too late.

7-day user license. Billed Weekly.
  • * Alerts to door knocks, fire, and safety alarms
  • * Alerts visually or through vibration
  • * Record sounds to improve detection
  • * Notification alerts while the app is in the background
  • *Provide suggestions for your needs
Extended 1-year user license. Billed Annually.
  • Includes all features in the Travel Buddy plus:
  • * Less than $6/month &
  • the monthly expense of your hearing aid batteries!

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