Covid-19 Times: We’re here for you

Life has taken a different path for many of us, and I know for many of you, it is indeed a challenging one.

The months, and possibly, years ahead, for those of us with a hearing loss, are doing be a lot different. The new norm of video-conferencing, the soreness of wearing a face mask strapped to our ears along with our hearing aids, and the inability to read lips when everyone is wearing a face mask is something we now have to deal with. Our places of interaction whether it is telemedicine, audiologist office, working from home, or going to the grocery store, although small interactions, adds to our anxiety of how things will unfold. Our lives felt isolating before COVID-19, and more so now.

I see some of these challenges as opportunities for us to overcome. We are resilient and adaptable people because losing our hearing gave us tools to adapt.

The support that is required for our community, different from the general population, will need to be a priority. We will continue to push forward our needs, especially when we are often overlooked.


I can’t claim I am an expert on how to navigate our new reality. I am learning just as well. However, I have seen great resources that I want to share with you, in case you have not yet seen.  It will help you with your daily needs during our self-distancing period.

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I also want to make myself available to help you. Send me a message on eyra [@] lisnen [dot] com. I would love to connect, chat, and help in any way that I can.

Virtual hugs,

Eyra Abraham

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