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Compact travel alarms to take with you on your next vacation

You’re looking forward to your next vacation now. In preparation for your vacation around the corner, you’re now looking at what you want to be packing. You developed a routine
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Deciding on a service dog to assist with your hearing loss

Getting a service dog to assist you with hearing loss can be an attractive option. There are moments in time when you are concerned about missing out on sounds that
A Shokz bone conduction headset resting on a table in a dark room with a little light beaming in.

Would bone conduction headphone work for my hearing loss?

It is hard to miss seeing others with hearing loss have great success with Shokz headphones. How easy it would be to listen to a podcast or follow along on
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Why you should look into setting up a hearing aid fund

You know it’s time to get new hearing aids. There is no doubt that things are more complicated now. The places and situations that you’ve been through before are increasingly
Airplane making its landing with a scenic mountainous background.

Passing through the metal security scanner with hearing devices

Are you ever super nervous about going through security? “I get so anxious going through security.” When the security guard motions us to enter through the security scanner, some immediately
A rope looping three times.

Four ways to loop with a hearing looping system today

Some of us have a big issue with hearing in public spaces. We’re fine with our Bluetooth connective devices on our TVs, smartphones and computers to listen in. However, beyond