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Ten Sensory Assistive Technologies for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Have you ever received a gift that you knew you couldn’t use?  A while back, someone gifted me an earpods (not the hearing aid kind) after giving a speech about
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5 Assistive Technologies for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students to Start Using Today

Education is all about access to information. The correct information can make a difference between a pass and a fail. Students who are deaf and hard of hearing have a
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Here’s what I found so far: Best Headphones for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

It’s a situation that we are all too familiar with.  The audio glitch begins when you’re ready for your online video call. No, this isn’t a “You’re on mute” moment.
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How to wear hearing aids regularly and have long-lasting hearing aid batteries? (Tested on size 13)

Hearing aid batteries are such a necessity for owning hearing aids. Together with hearing aids, they’re like the yin and the yang or like the fuel to our car. You
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What Everybody Ought to Know about Emergency Alert Devices for Deaf

Safety and security are one of the basic needs of human society. One needs to feel secure in their environment and surroundings. Otherwise, a heightened state of anxiety and constant
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Vibrating Pagers for Deaf | Sensory Alert Gadgets

Vibrating pagers can be misunderstood for something else. At least, this is what happened to me.  I showed a friend my new place a couple of years ago. I lived