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Influence the next technological innovation.

Inadequate technologies should not be part of the DNA of the deaf and hard of hearing. We're on a mission to build a fantastic innovative alerting device application that will make a massive difference in your life and people just like you.

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We believe in the power of our community

A chance to drive innovation for new applications for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.
Be our visionary tester and share your insights.

Lend your insights as an app tester

We are recruiting app testers to build an app with you in mind. Test the Lisnen app on your own smartphone, at your convenience for free.

  • Have an influence on the product decisions.
  • Work closely with the founder, a thought leader for AI & assistive tech.
  • A chance to be part of something real.
Lisnen app screenshot
Lisnen app screenshot

How Lisnen works

For the Deaf and hard of hearing who don't want to miss hearing a door knock, fire alarm, or a siren. Lisnen app uniquely solves this by giving you the freedom to conveniently respond to alerting sounds no matter where you are.

  • Lisnen works for both iOS and Android.
  • Our sophisticated algorithm uses your smartphone's microphone to "listen" privately for the desired sounds.
  • Receive vibration and visual notifications, or with other smart devices (Smart TV, smartwatch, smart lights, etc.) to get notified.

Get Started

  • Sign up with your email address
  • We'll respond and contact you to get started
  • Test the Lisnen app during your day to day activities
  • Share your experience to make the app work for you.
  • Get free access to premium features
Lisnen app screenshot
Lisnen app screenshot

The future is bright

Your thoughts matter. After all, our hearing loss experiences invented the telephone, texting, and the internet. There's strength from our experiences!

  • We're building this app with you in mind from the beginning. You are not an add-on, an afterthought, or a charity.
  • We believe in the talent of our community. We're a small tech company but incredibly ambitious to make an impact within the tech industry.

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