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Hand with hearing aid handing over to another hand.

Ten ways to test the best earbuds and hearing aids for you

If you’ve experienced hearing loss all your life, you intuitively know what is the best hearing device for you. I’ve lived with profound hearing loss since a child. Often you
multiple of batteries stacked tightly together

How to wear hearing aids regularly and have long-lasting hearing aid batteries 13? (Tested on sizes 13)

Hearing aid batteries are such a necessity for owning hearing aids. Together with hearing aids, they’re like the yin and the yang or like the fuel to our car. You
Blue and purple dots connected

Bluetooth Hearing Aids for TV

Every hearing person knows when there is a hard of hearing person living in the house. Not more than 5 feet from the front door, they can hear the TV

The best hearing aids on the market from a hearing loss person

Buying the best hearing aids on the market isn’t like buying a car or any expensive electronic devices, should anyone tell you. The truth is that cars and electronic devices