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Hearing is not required.

Get notified of sounds calling for your attention using your smartphone. Even when taking a break from wearing your hearing aids or cochlear implants!

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"I'm just afraid to miss hearing things."

You want to take off your hearing aids or cochlear implant for some silence at times. It's too uncomfortable to be wearing your hearing devices all day.

But no one is around to tell you about the knock on the door or, even worse, the fire or security alarm going off.

It feels somewhat disoriented to miss much of what's going on.

Do you risk taking your devices off or keeping them on longer than you want to?

CHHA Members, it can get better!

  • Save your money, don't compromise on your decorand conveniently use the devices you have now. This all-in-one solution requires no add-on devices to purchase to get a complete alerting system working.
  • Some haptic or vibration strengths are better on one device to wake you over another. So you won’t be locked into using one brand or stuck with a weaker device.
  • Skip the service alert dogs that will take years to come home and are expensive to own.
  • Start using it right away in your new space. Save time getting your alerting system approved and set up. Especially when you can't hardwire an AirBnB or apartment rental.
Lisnen app screenshot
Lisnen app screenshot

How Lisnen works

Lisnen allows you to conveniently respond to alerting sounds no matter where you are.

  • Our sophisticated algorithm uses your smartphone's microphone to 'listen' privately to your environment and alerts you if it recognizes certain sounds. You can record sounds to improve the detection.
  • You can get free access to fire alarm detection or pay a premium to add door knock and security alarm detection.
  • Receive vibration and visual notifications through your phone, or we'll help customize with other smart devices you own wirelessly (Smart TV, smartwatch, smart lights, etc.) to get notified.
  • Lisnen currently works for both iOS and Android. Designed for small spaces: apartments/condos (less than 500sq), hotel rooms, or bedrooms.

Get Started

  • Sign up with your email address and password on our website.
  • Make a purchase using your unique 10% discount to unlock premium features.
  • Download the Lisnen App from the App Store on your iOS or Android device.
  • Log on to the app using the details to sign up.
  • Enjoy access to premium features.
Screenshot of Lisnen Beta app given users option to select sounds for alerts.
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The future is bright.

We believe in a world where we can automate listening using advanced technologies. Imagine a world where the ability to hear doesn't have to be the only option to get your attention.

  • Safety is our priority, and we're always open to ideas to continuously improve our solution.
  • We're a small tech company but incredibly ambitious to make an impact within the tech industry. This is our chance to bring something impactful together.
  • As technologies get more connected, Lisnen will be able to assist at work, while you're away from home or on the road.
  • We have the vision to bring more alerts like running water, baby cries and whimpers, and global sound recognition.

Lisnen is working closely with CHHA to bring technologies that can support its members to live their best lives and create new opportunities for co-creation during the early stages of more recent innovation. Lisnen believes in further advancing and supporting CHHA’s mission.

In addition, CHHA members will receive a special discount from the regular subscription price advertised on the App store through a separate online payment process.

Start using the Lisnen App today!

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