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A room with several TVs from the 70s to 90s on several shelves. A bike and couch are also in this storage room.

Best TV for Hard of Hearing People

You would agree with me, but it’s hard to watch TV with hearing people. Our preference for comfortable listening is like blasting the TV loudly to them. Our choice for
Smartwatch with pink butterfly on screen in black color smartphone, and pink floral petals in the background.

Deaf-friendly Vibrating Smart Watches for People with Hearing Loss

The right vibrating smartwatch for the deaf and hard of hearing makes all the difference. Everyone with hearing loss knows that the sense of touch is one of the best
Hand with hearing aid handing over to another hand.

Ten ways to test the best earbuds and hearing aids for you

If you’ve experienced hearing loss all your life, you intuitively know what is the best hearing device for you. I’ve lived with profound hearing loss since a child. Often you
White wall and door with a black color emergency exit sign

Door Knock Detectors for People with Hearing Loss

Door knock detectors offer an alternative to doorbells because not everyone lives in a home. You may live in a low-rise condo or apartment, a hotel, or a motel. You
Living space with orange one-seater chair with decorative plants and a back table with mirror.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology For Home

When exploring deaf and hard-of-hearing technology for the home, there are abundant devices that you can use to make your home the way you like it to be. Our home
A person standing in a middle of a small hilly field with red smoke coming off their hand in the middle of their air.

Be aware – Alerting devices for the deaf or hard of hearing that make sense

When your hearing limits you from using legacy doorbells, fire alarm systems and other sounds calling for your attention, alerting systems, also known as alerting devices for the deaf and