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Compact travel alarms to take with you on your next vacation

You’re looking forward to your next vacation now. In preparation for your vacation around the corner, you’re now looking at what you want to be packing. You developed a routine
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Deaf-friendly Vibrating Smart Watches for People with Hearing Loss

The right vibrating smartwatch for the deaf and hard of hearing makes all the difference. Everyone with hearing loss knows that the sense of touch is one of the best
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Door Knock Detectors for People with Hearing Loss

Door knock detectors offer an alternative to doorbells because not everyone lives in a home. You may live in a low-rise condo or apartment, a hotel, or a motel. You
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Be aware – Alerting devices for the deaf or hard of hearing that make sense

When your hearing limits you from using legacy doorbells, fire alarm systems and other sounds calling for your attention, alerting systems, also known as alerting devices for the deaf and
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3 Types of Visual Alerting Devices for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

If you’re deaf and hard of hearing, you are probably using or looking into a visual alerting device to help you be aware of things calling for your attention. But,
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Phone Alert for Deaf and Hard of Hearing To Be In the Know

Nothing is more annoying than waiting all day for a phone call only to find out that you missed that important call when you stepped away from the phone. For