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Mother bird with baby bird

Baby Cries And Parents With Hearing Loss Myth

I don’t know if you have heard about a famous study called the Strange Situation. This study is a well-known research experiment to see how babies react when their mothers
Abstract image of sounds

A New Wave of Alerting Devices Using Smart Tech for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing | Sound Recognition

Do you remember the very first version of an automated speech-to-text app? Where there were so many errors and words displayed incorrectly? It reminds me of times when we would
blurry lights blinking

Visual Flashing Alarms Are Not Always Saving Us. This is Why.

Visual Flashing Lights Alarm Do Not Always Work There is an unspoken secret going on around us. For many years, lobbyists, hearing loss advocates and governments told us that solutions

The 1000 Dollar Bill From Running Water Non-stop

It was a simple mistake. The payback for that mistake is written on the utility bill now. Jake now needed to come up with an unexpected cost of one thousand