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New Technology for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (2023)

Every year, at the start of the new year, hundreds of thousands of people arrive in Nevada for the Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES). Most governments from various
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Door Knock Detectors for People with Hearing Loss

Door knock detectors offer an alternative to doorbells because not everyone lives in a home. You may live in a low-rise condo or apartment, a hotel, or a motel. You
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9 Best Hearing Aid Dryers to End the Static Sound Forever

This post contains affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for more details. Every hearing aid and cochlear implant wearer knows that having the best hearing aid dryer is the key
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Is Wearing a Hearing Aid a Disability?

Even with all the medical and scientific advancements, the question, ‘is wearing a hearing aid a disability?’ consistently comes up in our thoughts and conversations with others.  Has someone ever
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Little-known Ways How Hearing Loss Affects Daily Life

There’s a secret club and membership that comes with hearing loss. If you don’t come from a family gene with hereditary hearing loss or grew up within the deaf community,
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How much hearing loss is considered a disability?

It’s a confusing question, huh? Or isn’t it? It’s more confusing when others people imply that you don’t fit the criteria of someone with a disability. You probably heard or