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Single person sitting on top of the mountain

I’ve been hiding my hearing loss

Dear Lisnen. I have been living a big lie and holding a secret for the longest time. I never told anybody, and only my closest friends and family know. I have

My family doesn’t understand me.

Dear Lisnen. Over the long weekend, I spent time with my immediate and extended family for thanksgiving. I dread the family holidays because it always feels like no one cares

I’ve been singled-out

Dear Lisnen. Last week I went out for lunch on Saturday with four people they are all hearing except me. One of them is my good friend, another person I

This pandemic is making me lose my job.

There’s a lesson we are to learn right now, and that’s to self-advocate. Dear Lisnen, Ever since COVID-19 came, it has been ruining my life. I started a new job early