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Mobile Phone for Deaf

Best Smartphone for Hard of Hearing People

Searching for the best smartphone is one of the challenges that we face when having a hearing loss. With 63% of the world population using mobile phones, they are becoming

The best hearing aids on the market from a hearing loss person

Buying the best hearing aids on the market isn’t like buying a car or any expensive electronic devices, should anyone tell you. The truth is that cars and electronic devices
Deaf Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock for Deaf Reviews | Skip the Ringing Alarms

Introduction Buying new products is always a risk especially if you don’t know where to start. I’m going to help you, especially if you are someone with a hearing loss,
Alert Device For Deaf

Choosing alerting devices for the deaf or hard of hearing

Introduction Alerting devices are important products for deaf and hard of hearing. Most people with a hearing loss do not always wear hearing aids and cochlear implants. For some, their