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What Your Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Need in an Emergency
Mainstream Electronics Safety

What Your Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries Need in an Emergency

Everyone needs to be prepared, specifically when you have rechargeable hearing aids. No one wants to be caught off guard
Fire Safety Safety

19 Top Fire Alarm for Hard of Hearing | Your Complete Resource to Finding the Right One

Audio notifications are the perfect solution designed for people with hearing abilities. It gives them complete access to an emergency
The Best – Electronics

6 Top Alarm Clock for Hard Of Hearing to Wake Up on Time

You need to get up on time. An alarm clock that’s ringing a sounding alarm isn’t going to
Discover The Best – Apps

11 Best Speech-to-Text Apps for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People (2023)

Sometimes, no matter what you do to adjust your hearing aids or cochlear implant settings, you can’t hear someone

The Best Time to Let Someone Know You’re Deaf or Hard of Hearing

When we meet someone new, we don’t want to experience the uncertainty that comes from the other side of

5 Hacks Hard of Hearing Uses That Most People Don’t Know

Everybody with some degree of hearing loss understands that we develop strategies to manage our day-to-day situations. Sometimes these situations
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