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Deep Learning Engineer Lead (Equity-based compensation)

Sound recognition using AI is on the brink for big change. For those with a hearing loss, the impact is huge. The wait has been long, and the Deaf and hard of hearing community has been patiently been accepting conventional technologies that limits their independence, security and convenience.

Lisnen wants to change that. Lisnen is developing mobile applications to provide those with a hearing loss connection to the sounds around them. The world has been designed to use sound to communicate but for a growing number of people with a significant hearing loss, they’re not able to hear or know in a timely matter. Our mobile applications provides visual and vibrating alerts in real-time to sounds, like fire alarms or siren, detected in the nearby environment. We’re building the solution of a hearing guide dog in a mobile app.

Do you want to make a difference?!

Who you are?

  • You are someone who is looking to take it to the next level and lead with expertise in a new market that far few people venture.
  • You represent the mission of Lisnen in both your personal and professional life by challenging yourself to reach your goal.
  • You are driven individual that prefers to work collaboratively in small teams and like the flexibility to take initiative and execute new ideas.
  • You compassionately understand or have served underrepresented groups through a social enterprise.
  • You see the vision of the company and want to see it through regardless of what it takes.
  • You are ready to take the next step in your career to build your expertise and lead in AI and accessible technologies.

  • Your expertise
      * Earned a degree in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or equivalent.
      * Worked on projects using data classifications using CNN or RNN
      * Improved existing deep learning models/applications
      * Have strong programming skills with C/C++, Python, Objective C and java
      * Ability to produce quick turnaround and meet deadlines.
      * Know how to write well documents and articulate to non-technical audiences.
      * Experience with native iOS and Android application development

    Lisnen is a company of passionate individuals who want to rewrite history to give a better life for those with a hearing loss. Apply to join our team.

    To apply for a posted position or to explore future opportunities, send your covering letter and resume to

    Lisnen is proud to lead in diversity and inclusion. We don't speak, we do.